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"Great late night audio! Often laid back, though I love the upbeat spots of Reggae and Latin feel. Some of the soundscapes are fascinating and just long enough...I find the prose and poetry intriguing, and evocative. Percussion and sound mastering are masterful."

- Louis Rosen

"Gabe Lehrer's largely folk-based style, punctuated by more eclectic and uncommon genres, has allowed him to build a strong debut album, Cuban Chevy.  With intimate and sometimes ethereal vocals, as well as alternative instrumental stylings, it's hard to ignore his unique sound. His intimate voice and provocative lyrics appeal to a wide audience...I look forward to his future releases!"      -     The Lighted Stage

"I very much enjoyed the songs and the accompanied instrumentals. In a time in which we have to savage our own meanings, the lyrics and compositions coolly washed over me with sufficient amounts of tenderness and unannounced innocence. Although the work is quite different, I found I was unknowingly digging toward myself, unearthing memory-feelings of traveling cross-country as a young person, from Philly to L.A. and back, alone, sleeping in my car, meditating along the side of the road, fearing the draft, yet thinking myself some kind of hip Zen-hobo/artist-poet.

I found the album at turns celestially funny (for example, loved the Sci-Fi B-movie sound-effects), poignantly clean, and existentially insightful (into the world of our dark births). Listening, it deepened the stillness around me. A silence in the way quiet girls are silently naked.

What a nice gift to the universe!"

- Josh Goldberg

"This is a great album…sort of Tool, meets Alt-j, meets a whole mess of Indian people."

- Ethan Algazi

"A truly masterful piece of work - very pleasing mix of emotional, evocative works and more “cerebral," avant-garde pieces.  the vocals are rich and heartfelt, and the instrumentals compelling and complex."

- Steve Butler

"It is tempting to call Tucson singer-songwriter Gabe Lehrer’s Cuban Chevy a bedroom recording (and there certainly are plenty of quiet, intimate moments and heartbreaking lyrics), but it’s so much more than that. The record has an experimental and adventurous streak, with dark, ambient collages of rumbling synths and atmospheric sounds weaved throughout the record, creating a fluid, flowing album that lets Lehrer’s beautifully delicate acoustic numbers shine though...Cuban Chevy is a truly impressive record, and a great entry from an artist I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about."     -     Joe Golfen, of YabYum

"The songs are creative and pleasant to listen to. Seriously. Lehrer has a lovely, mellow voice which is friendly and appealing. Some of the popular music which I collide with on TV occasionally -- and hastily retreat from, I might add -- is painfully screamed at you, as if the singer is undergoing torture, similar to mine. Mind you, in this day and age, I am aware that we are all suffering. I just don't want to suffer any more than I have to. I flee from much of the music on TV, but Lehrer's music is worth listening to, so I'll listen to it whenever the mood strikes me. I admire his creative spirit, his talent and his courage. I hope he finds making music as rewarding as I find listening to it."

- Edward Parmee

"Cuban Chevy is a pleasantly unpredictable yet richly satisfying sonic experience!"

- Marc Goodman